Agree to Disagree with Eric & Thelvie      2nd & 4th Monday 

8:00pm to 9:00pm

My name is Eric D. Sutton and I am a child of God and the host of Just One Man's Opinion. Just One Man's Opinion is a sports talk show that originated after hours of barbershop conversations on the weekends, listening to sports radio and even just random conversations with people in general.


You will get my thoughts and opinions about all things sports. I've been blessed to start writing a blog that was featured on and I later launched my YouTube channel by the same name. I have received a lot of positive feedback concerning my blog and the YouTube channel and I'm praying and believing that Just One Man's Opinion will lead to bigger and better things.

Thelvie Cullins, Jr. has a 16-year career as a Dallas ISD Math Educator,
thriving to create a culture of caring in the classroom as part of a heartfelt and sincere community of educators that desires to prepare young people to become well-adjusted, responsible citizens of the global community and to enhance their leadership skills, moral values, and critical thinking in – and well beyond – their class and community.


He has experience teaching high school students all levels of math
including AP Calculus AB and BC at the School for the Talented and Gifted (TAG) at Yvonne A. Ewell Townview Center in Dallas ISD, presently ranked first within Texas and consistently named one of the best high schools in the nation. At his core, Cullins loves God, his family, his friends, teaching, sports, and traveling. He is a proud graduate of Florida A&M University, where he majored in Electrical Engineering, and a high-school graduate of the T alented and Gifted Magnet High School.


He and his wife currently live in Dallas county, worship at the Greater Providence Baptist Church, and have a ten-year old daughter. He also enjoys serving with organizations that promote graduation, college preparedness and access, including the National Math + Science Initiative (NMSI) and the College Board.Driven by that same reconciler and growth-focused spirit, in May, 2020,
Cullins joined friend Eric D. Sutton to host a new biweekly talk show “Agree to Disagree”. Together, the two purpose to deliver thought-provoking, enlightened, inclusive, dueling, spiritual, informed and encouragingconversations on significant issues and host notable thought leaders and guests from various disciplines.

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