Black Tea Sip with Coy Murchison

2nd & 4th Friday from 11:00am -1:00pm

Coy Murchison

Black Tea Sip with Coy Radio Show

Coy Murchison is the creator and host of the Black Tea Sip with Coy radio show. The award-winning show takes an in depth and unapologetic perspective in examing and celebrating the Black life experience. Black Tea Sip was born out of the familiar front porch conversations, commonly held in the South. Growing up in Texas, Coy listened to her mother, aunts and neighbors as they sipped tea on her mother’s front porch. Coy witnessed two things: the spoken unfiltered truth, was coupled with laughter, and was held never without a cup of tea. Taking from the countless dialogues held on her mother’s front porch, Coy developed an understanding; being Black demands that we are honest about our communities, while simultaneously inspecting the world we share with others – in that, she coined the termed “Sip Power to Pour Truth”. Speaking truth to power is a philosophy notably displayed on Black Tea Sip.


Black Tea Sip with Coy unpacks pop-culture, economics, business, education and politics from a multi-cultural view. The show’s provocative and palatable angle provokes listeners to think and question while laughing at our Black truths. The show’s guests include political consultants, civil rights leaders, social scientists, authors, business leaders, and others with prominent viewpoints pertaining to Black life.


Coy, a native Dallasite, grew up in local politics. Her family’s legacy includes the first Black Mayor Pro Tem for the City of Dallas -The Honorable Albert Lipscomb, and Civil Rights leader - A. Maceo Smith. She believes it’s her responsibility to honor the dedication of her lineage. Her passion for her community is only equal to her desire to see equity in America’s acknowledgement of African American humanity.


Coy Murchison owns and operates a boutique consulting company which provides strategies in business development, HIPAA privacy and security, and Coy serves as a political strategist to Dallas county elected officials, and candidates. She has two children which she adores. Her boys are politically active and the Black Tea Sip philosophy, “Sip Power to Pour Truth” is evident in their young lives.

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