Candyology with Candy J.

2nd & 4th Sunday  from 5:00pm -6:00pm (cst)

I am a Certified Sexologist through the American College of Sexologists International. IA proud graduate of the Dr. Rachael Institute. My journey here is was one of passion for helping others to work through things I've through. I continued my education with an additional certification through the Mocha Marriage Organization.


At a young age I discovered my clitoris. I decided that I liked the way It felt when I rubbed it. When I started to ask questions to my mom (a Pastor), about sex I was looked at like I had just said that aliens landed in the backyard. I began to hide things from my family and explore how I felt with no guidance.

As I explored, I learned that there were others that were ashamed of their sexuality and the subject was taboo in their household. I became the person that everyone talked to about sex and relationships.  I hosted, what I called, “Real Talks” in my home for others to discuss love, sex, and relationships.


In 2015, I became a Bedroom Kandi Consultant. Bedroom Kandi, a company created by singer, songwriter, Kandi Burruss, it became a way for me to make money, help those that were in need of spicing up their sex lives, dealing with their sexuality in a positive manner, creating a safe space for open dialogue among couples and so much more.

My background as a trainer, teacher, mother, wife, friend, a Bachelors and Masters in Education and now certified Sexologist helps me to empower men, women and children with knowledge across the country goal is to launch sex education seminars for teens and young adults, continue to do couples workshops, and make sex easier to discuss at any age. I have been featured in Voyage Magazine Dallas and several other articles.


My gigital broadcast  Candyology, can be viewed every 2nd and 4th Sunday  at 5pm CST on Candyology Radio deals with love, sex, and relationship. I talk about real issues that men and women go through every day. The show covers topics from the art of seduction, to LGBTQ issues, to how to rekindle the flame in your relationships to sexual trauma. The endless lists of topics that come up in relationships leaves moments of laughter, crying and cleansing. This show is every type of therapy at its finest.

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