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with Keokuk  Domingo

7:00pm-8:00pm  (2nd and 4th Tuesday )

Who is Keokuk Domingo ?

Keokuk T. Domingo understands what it means to be stretched to the limit. In 2006 she found herself working long hours, taking care of a young child, being a wife and running a side business. She stretched to the max and eventually became frustrated with giving all of her time to everything that wasn’t beneficial to her growth and well being of her family. “I was tired,” she added. “I spent every waking moment of my time doing this or doing that and I had no time for myself and sometimes not even my family. It was overwhelming. Eventually the burden of taking care of everyone else but herself created a void in her and she left corporate America to slow down and focus on her family. I took the biggest risk of my life when I left my job to focus on my family and passion. Domingo knew that if she was overwhelmed with long hours and nothing tangible that other professionals and individuals were experiencing the same thing as her. Soon she was laying the ground work for Gifted Errand Runners and later to start Get Organized by Key, LLC.

Where it all started…

In June of 2006, Gifted Errand Runners were created with one mission in mind. RESTORE time in people bust lives. “Gifted Errand Runners was started out of a need to help others, who like me, didn’t have enough time in their day and felt overwhelmed and consumed by everything and everyone else,” Domingo said. In 2009, Gifted Errand Runners was sold for a profitable margin.  Since then Keokuk Domingo has cultivated and started multiple businesses that help’s return time and savory moment’s within the family. Domingo is working to build multiple businesses throughout Texas and across the nation. Get Organized by Key, LLC and Staged & Interior Designed by Key, help to organize busy professionals with time management, organization, staging, and creating beauty into one home at a time. 

Romantic Concierge: Everyone needs that romantic getaway or moment. We specialize I helping couples rekindle that romantic flame. Let us plan your romantic night in or out the Home.

Appointment Making: Too busy to set appointments, but things need to get done? Give us contacts and your schedule. We’ll keep you on track.

Professional Organizing: If your home or office is a disaster or out of order, Get Organized by Key, LLC is here to help. We specialized in getting you organized and decluttering your life so you can breathe easy and find everything you need to make your day smoother. 

Keokuk Domingo, MBA

Certified Closet Expert & Award Winning DFW

Professional Organizer & Interior Designer 

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