with Tiff,Nikki & Craig

  5:00pm-6:00pm  (1st & 3rd Saturday) 

Tiffany 'Tiff" Prichett

Born in Detroit, MI and raised in Chicago, IL. I was born in an era where music and entertainment was a given. My Brother Greg was a DJ and there would be so many parties that would attract my attention. But it was the music and party scene that I loved so much and made me want to do this as an adult. My brother took me to Mendel Catholic High School in 1984 and he had me carry the crates of Albums. I remember walking into the party and hearing this music that took my mind to a totally different place, this music made me dance, feel free and be happy. It was that day I discovered the love of House Music and I knew then I wanted to be in the entertainment business….. Lol! I love all genres of music, R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, Jazz you name it.


When I got a little older, my daughter Whitni and I would listen to music every chance we got. It was our getaway from life’s up and downs. In 1996 I was told my daughter had cancer and she only had six months to live. My heart sank and from that day I promised to party every day of her life. I would give her parties just because she was beautiful. Well, God gave me six years instead of 6 months. She died April 25, 2002, 19 days after her 16th birthday. I fell in a very deep depression but I knew I had to continue this journey called life because I had a sweet little daughter named Britni that needed me. In 2006, I had my son RJ and when he would hear music his face would lighten up and he was the happiest kid you ever seen! I started doing parties here in Dallas in 2014 and one day my mentor DJ Boxx out of Chicago said Tiff you need to give a really Big Party!! He told me he knew I can pull it off. From that day I thought hard about starting my own business and so I came up with the name. Ni Deep Entertainment. It is in memory of my daughter Whitni, it’s also a combination of our names, Tiffini, Whitni, Britni, and Anthoni (Raymond Jr and Sr)and in 2016 Ni Deep Entertainment LLC was born.


Nikki was born and raised in Chicago, IL but relocated to Texas in her adult years. She is passionate about helping teenage girls propel into their destiny. She is an entrepreneur by heart and enjoys talking about business ideas, finance, and information technology. Nikki is currently the owner of CS Creations, providing custom printing services for clients, but has owned several other businesses in the past.  She earned her undergraduate degree in Business Management at Northwood University and received her MBA in Finance at Dallas Baptist University. Nikki's education and real life experience as an entrepreneur allows her to bring knowledge and input in a variety of areas that she has to share with the audience.


Scott “CRAIG” Smith Bio

Scott Craig Smith affectionately known simply as CRAIG by friends and family, was born and raised on the south side of Chicago, Illinois.

Craig a recent transplant from Chicago to Dallas within the last three years is known for his direct yet informed perspective on social and cultural issues that affect the people of his community. Education being the passion of all conversations and perspectives to Craig’s daily existence, is derived from the obtainment of his Bachelor’s Degree from the greatest HBCU on the planet The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (UAPB) and the additional obtainment of his advanced degree in Public Administration/Human Resources from Governors State University. His love for reading almost any type of information based content

As Co-Host of Dranks and Dialogue he is driven to unpack the social and cultural issues plaguing his community with the bases being the lives of entertainment stories as the foundation.  Dranks included!

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