Gina's Chronicles with Gina Lacy

2nd and 4th  Saturday  3:00pm-4:00pm (cst)

Gina Lacy known for her bright personality, she sparkles!
Born in Dallas, TX, as a Pastor’s daughter right away at the early age of 3 her parents recognized her talent of singing later her mother would label her personality as a butterfly for bright and free.
Gina’s creativity continued throughout her life always stepping outside of the box mentality.


Her experience and personality goes far beyond as she is a leader in the community, influencer for women, in legal she worked for some of the top corporate offices in Dallas Texas.

Gina grew up and still is apart of the Church of God In Christ and now the First Lady of the church that her father and mother founded. She is the wife of Pastor Mequial Lacy together they have a handsome son Luke .
Gina’s quick wit personality, and refreshing transparency, are shown daily.
Her fashion sense shows as she would say "you are your first brand".
You will always catch her with a since of style and inspirational word or just good ole common sense wisdom one of Gina's saying is
Be Kind In Unity with Love ️
That's Gina 

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