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Amon Rashidi – Host

Amon Rashidi, host of The Griot Nation Radio Show, is a nationally and internationally recognized spoken word artist, dynamic speaker, and community organizer with a history of activism and social intervention spanning over 25 years.  He is recognized as one of the top experts in the field of gang prevention/intervention and alternative solutions for empowering youth.  Mr. Rashidi has amassed a Who’s Who list of clientele including: the Department of Defense, Harvard University Graduate School of Education, Boys and Girls Club of America, Youth Build USA, Port of Spain Bureau of Prisons, to name a few.  


Amon Rashidi is a pioneer in the social services industry having developed a ground-breaking community-based social intervention program to address the pertinent issues effecting children and families across America, as well as the Rashidi Group Institute - a national training, research, and development organization designed to address the critical issues faced by today’s youth and educators.


This Renaissance Man is a Billboard-charted spoken word artist who’s love of music, education and community has lead him to media appearances on CNN, CBS 48 Hours, Listening to America with Bill Moyers, Nile Rodgers Public Enemy movie soundtrack, PBS Specials with Maya Angelou, and as the recipient of the 2003 Essence Award for community activism and innovative approaches to youth engagement.  Amon Rashidi’s debut spoken-word project, Speak First Born Sun, is an original and dynamic fusion of R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz and Southern Blues.  This insightful and culturally conscious project touches all generations and gives direction and purpose to the musical meaning of original soul music.

UNCN – Co-Host

UNCN’s journey began as a member of the UNOI (United Nation of Islam) where he learned the nuts and bolts of self-reliance, respect and community responsibility. After 15 years of building strong communities by providing direct services including food, clothing, and shelter, he joined forces with The Rashidi Group in 2007 and began traveling the US on the mission of social change. He was instrumental in numerous programs and products geared toward helping youth find relief from the ills of ailing social conditions in the US and abroad including Operation Rebound (decriminalization) and SBSI (School Based Social Intervention).


UNCN has engaged some of America's top institutions such as Youth Build, Job Core, and the Department of Labor to build best practices for engaging and motivating youth and their parents. As co-host of The Griot Nation Radio Show, UNCN has been active in voicing the concerns of the people, while providing a platform for highlighting, empowering, and encouraging community development. He also co-hosts The Cora Dixon Healing Experience - a radio health segment that provides health tips and promotes a healthy lifestyle in mind body and spirit.

Cora Dixon – Cora Dixon Healing Experience

Cora Dixon is a renaissance woman in the world of holistic health, wellness and nutrition.  Ms. Dixon has decades of multi-discipline study in areas that improve the quality of life in mind body and spirit including: licensed massage therapist, Reiki master, yoga instructor, certified holistic nutritionist, meditation guide, life coach, community and youth advocate.


And as if that isn’t enough, Cora is also a humanitarian and a practicing vegan.  She most recently created the Cora Dixon’s Healing Experience on the Griot Nation Radio show where she shares with her audience the art of turning change into transformation and promotes spiritual well being.  She believes that the practical approach to life’s challenging dilemmas can be found through spiritual and emotional wellness, diet, daily living challenges, affirmations, inspiration and spiritual direction.

Grand Maurier Delight

Maurier Turner is a 33 year old Dallas native the Co-founder of BLACK (Black leaders achieving cultural kinship) and owner of TIME, LLC (Transforming Into Mutual Economics). BLACK is a Community initiative nonprofit organization, and TIME is a consulting an advertising company for black entrepreneurs and businesses. He has coached for the Oakcliff Redskins for the last 9 years along with Truth Track Club, and has helped organize many rallies along with black business vendor events and companies. He is the father of a 5-year-old boy, a poet, and likes to think of himself as an urban culture historian. Maurier can be heard every Sunday from 4 - 5:00pm on the ‘Men’s View Point’ and on the syndicated ‘Griot Nation Radio’ show, on-demand on your favorite online station - Spotify, iTunes, Google podcast, and iHeart Radio.


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 Ezra Jay – Producer / Technology Director

Ezra Jay (E.Jay) brings over 25 years of technology and digital media expertise to The Rashidi Group.  E.Jay’s love of new technologies in music production has lead him to work with Grammy award winning artists and producers including Nile Rodgers, George ‘Dr. Funkenstien’ Clinton, Tevin Campbell, and Erica Badu. He also produced commercial jingles and music beds for radio stations across the country including abc Radio Networks.


E.Jay expanded his expertise in the realm of video game development, as Audio/Film Director, where he built a strong department that successfully produced key assets for the Xbox 360 console as well as mobile platforms.  E.Jay completed principal production of a documentary film on the relevance and legacy of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), narrated by Samuel L. Jackson and including appearances by Debbie Allen, the late Ed Bradley, Jerry Rice, Tom Joyner and David Banner among others. E.Jay continues his passion of integrating uplifting messages and support systems with digital media technology to provide socially responsible solutions to communities and people most in need.

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