Healing at the Table with Ashley Lee

 1st & 3rd  Saturday  from  4:00pm-5:00pm

Ashley Lee is faithful,  professionally certified holistic mentor and Faith-based advisor, entrepreneur, and busy mom who is aware of the struggle of making an attempt to balance a career and family. In her professional space, she offers the tools, strategy and support to assist people with producing significant healthy modification in their lives.


Ashley is a very giving philanthropist with an unrivaled compassion for all people, but her heart has become devoted to her work with women and children. It’s this work that has proven to be a blessing to the lives of those who have entrusted their confidence into her care. Through Ashley’s guidance, she’s helped many women put their trust in affection again, and she pushes these women to utilize their ordinary conceived endowments and gifts, transforming them into effective methodologies to launch their own businesses. “I believe that it’s vital that women accept and own that they are the "Table," remarks Lee, implying that women are not subservient to men, rather equal life companions in every conceivable way.


Ashley has devoted an unprecedented amount of energy toward education children with a goal of seeing them prevail in their daily educational routine. “As a young person navigating the Dallas Public Schools,  I experienced the lack of educational development and support. I recall my mother having to work continuously, and as a result, I didn’t have anyone else who could advocate for me,” It’s the struggles of her early educational experiences that shaped Ashley’s desire to help others. Ashley recounts that giving her life to Christ at age 18 being the pivotal point to point her life into the right direction and motivated her to return to school, graduate, and later pursue higher education at Texas Southern University.


Ashley Lee’s career has been peppered with many outstanding accomplishments including these:


  • Licensed financial expert (2018)

  • Worked as a Teacher Assistant (2008-2014)

  • Obtain CDL Driver Certification (2014-2018)

  • Appointed and Serve as a Minister (2013-present)

  • Certified Life Coach (2014)

  • Distributed content creator (2021)


As a product of a single parent home,  Ashley draws strength from her memories of watching her mother, Velma Lee raise four children without the assistance of anyone else. This experience strengthened Ashley’s resolve to persevere toward success in her life, businesses, and family, despite any challenges or obstacles that comes her way.