Life Is Potpourri with LaNelle Renfro Faulk

1st & 3rd  Saturday 11:00pm - 12:00 noon (cst)

Life is Potpourri was created by domestic violence survivor LaNelle Renfro Faulk, who was later diagnosed with an autoimmune disease; Lupus. She is a speaker, author, certified life coach and advocate for community service related endeavors. You can find her running her event planning business Dyvyne Events (, serving on the Board of Directors for We Are Survivors Foundation, the events committee for The Lupus Foundation Lone Star Chapter and collaborating with various organizations to empower others.


She as gained national recognition in Europe and Nigeria, having been presented an International Humanitarian Award and executing international award galas right here in Dallas, Texas. Her condensed bio has done nothing to highlight her MANY accomplishments, but her greatest achievement has been mothering her now adult children, raising her nephew after his mother’s death, and being a dedicated wife.

In her words: “Life is Potpourri is a concept based on the observation that life is fragrant regardless of the "experience" or "color". Our days are not always bright, sunny and filled with hues of oranges and pinks; but also serves us when our moments are brown, grey, black and not so bright.”