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 MyQualityisforreal with Michaela Shanay


Michaela Shanay aka Queen MyQuality. Fort Worth native. TV/Radio personality, actress and inspiring philanthropist. I started Michaelasoforreal now MyQualityIsForReal in November of 2018. I wanted to show the world that although Dallas and Fort Worth are within the same mextroplex, the two cities are totally different.

I wanted Michaelasoforreal to be a platform for all of the talented people I knew from my hometown. Also, sharing my for real thoughts on issues that's happening in the world. As well as showcase my love for comedy and acting. The name has changed but the goal is still the same!


This is what I would like the write up to say word for word.


Thank you


 SUNDAY  3:00pm -4:00pm (CST) (Every Sunday)