Not Easily Broken with Saudia & Sherrell 

7:00pm-8:00pm  (1st & 3rd Tuesday) 


.the ups, downs, and in betweens of sisterhood, art, and everything else! 

Saudia          Sherrell  

Saudia    Sherrell  

 Saudia Scott has had a the vision of being a star since her youth and she has not stopped in her pursuit. She was born and raised in Shreveport , La to the proud parents Rodney Scott and Judy Green. She was also raised as the oldest of her two younger brothers, Joshua and Joseph Scott. From her youth, she has followed her aspirations of acting, singing, and dancing. Church, was the place that not only tainted her spiritually at a young age but was also a pusher of her talents doing skits, plays, dancing, and singing lead in the choir. 


In elementary school she was tested for the gifted program, "Talented Arts" which she continued to be apart of throughout elementary to high school school. This allowed her the opportunity to learn more about her craft and participate in plays and musicals through the program. She did her 1st community theater musical, "The Wiz" at the age of 12. Hence, she has done musicals and plays like, "Tarzan the Musical", "Crowns", "The Bad Seed", "9 to 5", "Ragtime" and many more. Both her vocal and dance training was gathered from choir and the high school dance team as a high stepper learning ballet, jazz, pom, and kick her junior year. 


Her training continued at Grambling State University with the direction of Alvin Alley's, Dianne Maroney Grisgsby learning modern ballet, ballet, jazz, african, lyrical, and even a small bit of hip hop and tap. She currently lives in Lewisville, Tx with her best friend of 5 years, Sherrell Martin, another aspiring artist, that she met during her sophomore year in college which she believes is a divine connection to say the least. Since, the two have encouraged each other to pursue their dreams, knowing it takes hard work while also going through great rises and tough falls. Saudia takes enjoyment out of spending time with family and friends and staying a student to the arts. She understands that her work, is evidenced of her faith and she knows that moving forward, that her best days are ahead.