Powerhouse of Four 

              with Erica, Dawn, Dr. Ali & Lazandra


    Four Dreams, Four Destinies, Four Perspectives and Four Hearts for Service Aligned

Erica Daniel has had a highly successful career in the IT industry for over 20 years  working for some  of the Top IT companies in the world. Erica has a proven track record in the areas of business development, strategic planning and technology sales   consulting management. Erica currently holds the position of Senior Manager and supports a sales territory that generates over 35 million dollars in software revenue  annually. Erica  recently created  EInspire LLC as a way to fulfill her passion for helping  others activate and realize the full revenue potential of their dreams, so that they can share their gifts with the world.  As a certified Transformational Leadership & Life Coach,  Best-Selling Author and Speaker she couples her insight with her business acumen to help others push past obstacles to their next level of personal or business development. Erica is a strong believer in transparency, integrity and faith. She meets you where you are and helps you to move in a positive direction.  


Dawn Stephens is a Best Selling Author, visionary strategist, inspirational speaker and premier igniter of dreams and ideas. Dawn has spent 30 years combining vision boards and innovation to transform visions from the board to a brand. Her 8 years of experience consulting aspiring entrepreneurs, non-profit leaders and ministries through the start-up phase was the catalyst to found Dawn E. Stephens Enterprises  As a spiritual and resource coach she assists individuals and entrepreneurs to develop strategies to effectively manage their reality so their vision and dreams become actuality. Dawn also co-leads the MomMe Mentor initiative with her two daughters as a community to help transform mother and daughter relationships.




Dr. Alisha Griffith has been a compassionate professionally trained educator, speech language pathologist, audiologist, and Autism parent expert, for nearly two decades.  Through her work Dr. Ali has helped many BELIEVE in themselves and SHIFT their self-talk. In 2015 Dr. Ali launched Dr. Alisha Griffith, LLC, her coaching and speaking practice applying her passion and willingness to serve others.  She is a catalyst for change and a great connector.    Dr. Ali is the igniter of positive energy.   Dr Ali has created a movement to shift inner dialogues from negative to gratitude and appreciation through the power of listening and speaking one's truth.   She believes in remaining focused and weathering through storms of life with a positive mindset are our KEYS to success.

Best selling Author of Au-mazing Gift: A Journey to Autism Acceptance she assists caregivers and organizations with shifting the mindset towards Autism and Accepting the beauty of being “different.”



Lazandra Dial  Lazandra Dial is an International Best-Selling Author, Transformational Speaker, Consultant and Life Coach. She is the mother of two beautiful adult children and resides in California. She credits her humble beginnings for helping shape her into the woman she is today.  She has dedicated her life to service and spent over 15 years working within governmental organizations and non-profit organizations as a System Change Strategist. Her passion is to improve lives through interrupting the way we interact. Lazandra is also the C.E.O. of L. Michelle Development Group, LLC, a Coaching and Consulting firm.  She is known as “The Clarity Strategist” and has a gift for helping her clients recreate who they are and reclaim their dreams to redesign their lives. As one client stated “she makes you uncomfortable with settling.”





The powerhouse of four are four dynamic women drawn together by their desires to play and serve bigger in the world.


They met at a time when they were all in the creation stages of their individual movements.  A divine  “connection” occurred as they were chatting about their dreams and aspirations.  Their individual trials and tribulations and fortitude to push through and  into  purposeful action  created an undeniable bond.  Within a few days a formidable team was created and the “Powerhouse Of Four” was birthed. These ladies committed themselves to providing clarity, vision, and strategies to individuals seeking business and personal growth leading to financial freedom.  


Powerhouse of Four Radio program  represents 4 key pillars of success that when combined  create a dynamic infrastructure  that   is focused on thriving not just surviving.


Four Pillars includes:


  • Vision  - Identify your authentic calling, move you from a written plan to implementation and creation of a game plan. Develop strategies to effectively manage your reality so your vision can become actuality.  


  • Clarity  -  obtain clearness amongst the chaos and create your desired outcomes. Identify the baseline for your next level of personal or business development.  Gain focus.


  • Communication - Ignite your distinct and unique message.  Push through fear, inner and outer chatter and self-doubt  to power moves towards action and execution. Learn key strategies on effective listening, powerful spoken words and connection to others.   


  • Strategy  - Develop a CEO mindset with respect  to your personal and business growth.  Maximizing your strengths as you move into  results focus action.   Leverage technology,  automation,  and  optimized back-end systems to drive growth.



Join us for a program where these four women keep it real  as they share their  perspectives and range of experience with authenticity and transparency.  Hear from exciting  guest hosts that are all about growth and impact.  If you are ready to grow and  be in purpose drive action  this show is for you.   



Sunday 7:00pm - 9:00pm CST (8:00PM - 10:00pm EST  5:00PM - 7:00PM PST)