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Relationships Matter with Davena           (2nd & 4th Wednesday) 7:00pm -8:00pm (cst)

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Relationships Matter is the kind of show that embraces the discussion of all relationships and the concerns we have about relationships.

Davena Wellington is known for her “Flower Child” Style. She was born in St. Louis, but inspired with west coast family roots. She is passionate about matters of the heart ,soul and love to connect with people that  accept  each other differences. 


 She comes from a  family that has always been forward thinkers which has been essential for her work with large corporations to help improve the workplace enviroment..  For many years she worked as a Family Life Director in her church. Various topics were often discussed including how to improve home and workplace relationships.  Wellness is important to her, and she works hard to keep it at its best.  Her mind is a canvas that allows for change and growth, and acquisition of new perspectives. 


She hopes to inspire people to make their relationships a priority. Her hope is to inspire people to find their voice and strength, with creative discussion and perspectives on all types of relationships.


B.S Degree in Nutrition

Health and Lifestyle Weight Management Certification

Personal Training Certification

Marketing Management/Public Relations Certification

Licensed Insurance Broker

Corporate Sales Facilitator/Trainer

Pilates Instructor

Group Fitness Instructor



Facebook: Davena Wellington                                


Instagram: davena_wellington




Phone:  972-532-1744