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Take Notice  with Chris Redmond

2nd & 4th Wednesday   from 7:00pm -8:00pm (cst)

Christopher K. Redmon


Chris is the Founder of Wedge Technical Solutions (WTS). An organization focused on identifying, researching, and engaging with marketers and prospective developers of cutting-edged technologies whose innovations work for the betterment of businesses and customers worldwide. Currently WTS is focused in the Security industry. From networked-based – to – Cyber, Surveillance, and Kinetics, Chris and company actively seek exciting, disruptive solutions with which to partner.


Prior to launching WTS Chris enjoyed a 28+ year career in corporate where he managed 280+ member teams, developed go-to-market strategies for newly developed products, and managed over 20 of the largest Channel Partner relationship which included ATT, HP, and DiData to name a few. Chris managed the development of a global sales training course used by Cisco Systems to deliver to ATT and IBM sales team around the world.

Chris credits his success to his natural Entrepreneurial spirit. The idea that risks are always worth taking if the reward(s) are warranted is what drives him forward.

When it comes to risks, he lives by these simple rules;

  • Every risk, process, task, or strategy must meet this muster;

    • It must be definable

    • Is it measurable?

    • It must be repeatable

Chris continues to build lasting business relationships with other entrepreneurs through his consultancy where he offers constructive and achievable guidance to clients.