The B.A.D Squad Radio with 

The “Host Who Does The (Absolute) Most,”  Tate Richard

Allison Denise (“The Petite Powerhouse,”) and DMote (“The Quiet Storm,”) 

Friday 9:00pm -11:00pm (cst)

 “The B.A.D. Squad Radio Show” is THE most entertaining show on Friday nights! Whether you’re chilling at home for the night, or hanging out with your crew, this award-winning team will keep you laughing and shaking your head with our commentary and antics.


Tune in from 9 – 11pm Central Time and join DMote (“The Quiet Storm,”), Allison Denise (“The Petite Powerhouse,”) and OUR “Host Who Does The (Absolute) Most,” Tate, for 2 hours of news, trending social media topics, current events, and individual segments that are as “Bold And Driven” as we are. You’ve NEVER seen or heard radio like this before!

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