The Bald Talk with Nikki,Kay & C.


4th Saturday of each month 7pm-9pm(cst)

Keenya Madison known as Nikki. Im a single Mother of 3 beautiful girls 25,19 and 18 and one grandson. I moved to Dallas in 2015 due to Hurricane Katrina and this is where God allowed me to discover my true passion for makeup and my WHY. I survived an abusive relationship for 10 years, I thought that wearing makeup would hide the scars on the inside that I didn't have so much on the outside. I made myself up everyday until I found me again , but when I got into the depths and the beauty behind my brand I began to understand and know my purpose, It wasn't about me hiding anymore it was more about bringing out the potential that is deep inside of every person that I come in contact with. I want women and young girls to discover themselves again ,  sometimes we forget who we really are because we put others before ourselves.


What makes me different as a makeup artist is that I  see beyond the surface of someone's request, I  look deep inside Within to find the true Beauty that she's afraid to let out and I stretch them to there highest limits.  I made up  my own name for MUA my MUA stands for "Making U Authentic" meaning that  at the end of each  session when I hand them that mirror i want them to feel unquestionable, genuine and true not to me but to themselves and as they are  looking at themselves  smiling with tears I know made a difference I know I made a impact I know I made them feel happy, rejuvenated but most of all empowered knowing that they are beautiful they are loved and that they are walking into there OWN because that's what makeup does for me, and the spirit of obedience that I approach it with is what I want them to leave with....I have discovered my WHY! 


About the Director/ Kay Dean

Kay Johnigan Dean is a mother of three, Shanita Brown, Jon’Kayla Crawford and Tyrek Brown; in whom she likes to refer to her angels on earth. She has worked in education for 17 years and currently works for Dallas ISD as an Inclusion Instructor. Kay began speaking over twenty years ago under the leadership of Apostle Laurie D, Scott, were she also obtained her minister’s license. Since then, she has had the great pleasure of speaking at various events and ministries. Kay now resides in Desoto, Texas.

Although,speaking has been a great experience for her, writing is by for her passion.    


Kay wrote her first skit in 2006, entitled “Tomorrow.” This skit was written for her ministry,
Youth in Christ (YIC), where she nurtured, taught and instilled values in the life of young girls. Although, she wrote many poems and monologues as a teenager, she never imagined writing stage plays and sharing them with the world. After writing her first skit, she discovered her niche, her passion, her purpose, her love. From that point on play writing became a major part of her life and K.D.D. Productions was established.


In 2008 she wrote, directed and produced her first gospel stage play “Wounded”, which was in production five times, in five different cities. “Wounded” was the first all-black cast production to be held at the Tyler Civic Center Theater and received great reviews and testimonials.

Kay continues to write, direct and produce original gospel stage plays. She adds to her list, “The Gift of Love (skit) “How Do I Tell God?”, “I know I’ve Been Changed”, “Nothing but Death”(skit), “Redemption”, “In Due Season”, and her recent production “Intentions of the Heart”. Her vision is to promote a positive environment where people from all walks of life and different denominations can come together and be entertained, enlighten, healed, and changed through the anointed gift of drama. 

“I may not be famous for what I do, but I am content with what God has given me”. My In Due Season is upon me, because I refused to allow my Wounded past, affect How I Tell God and hinder my Tomorrow based on the schemes of the wicked. He knows the Intentions of the Heart and I’m okay with that, because I Know I’ve been Changed”, quotes Kay Dean.

I am a family oriented, technology professional and career woman, radio host enthusiast, dance mom and school-involved parent, STEM public speaker, creative spirit, and relator. Oh and by the way, I am bald.  If you can't see past my bald style, you will never get to know all of me.


I am healthy and being bald is a choice I made after struggling with a mild case of alopecia.  But for many women it is not a choice.  I have been able to motivate women in the workplace to embrace their baldness as they complete treatment or as they lose their hair permanently.  This allows them to bring their whole selves to the collaboration and problem solving process.


When you encounter a bald woman, I encourage you to look beyond the hairloss and see the person.  If she wants to share the experience, you will be invited.  Most importantly, don't assume she is ill or struggling emotionally.

Chances are she is a lot like me. She is comfortable in her skin. Period.


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