The Queens'  Network

with LaTonya

1st & 3rd Wednesday 8:00pm-9:00pm

LaTonya M. Donaldson is the CEO and Founder of The Calling All Queens Network. Her company is passionate about empowering women through networking events, master classes, and personal development coaching. LaTonya is known for her vibrant energy and caring spirit that helps Queens succeed and elevate to the best version of themselves.


She is a nationally sought-after coach and transformation speaker. Based on the results of her Calling All Queens Brunch Series, she has established a diverse network of women and womenpreneurs, boss babes, and corporate leaders who are networking and sharing resources, inspiring each other to revive old goals, make new ones, and move towards fruition.


LaTonya has helped many of her clients achieve their goals of entrepreneurship by building their business and expanding their brand. She is focused on building valuable relationships with all of her clients and strengthen the QUEENDOM. The Calling All Queens Network also offers an affiliate partnership with successful business owners who serve as a resource to members of the QUEENDOM.


LaTonya believes a positive mindset along with strategic planning will produce desired results for any goal. She believes that every woman has world changing capability and an individual and unique purpose in life. She encourages women to seek out and identify the QUEEN that lives inside of them and to set her free to conquer her QUEENDOM from within.

Most Requested Services:

One on One Coaching

Networking Events

Women's Empowerment


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