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The Rhythmn of Design with Teresa Perkins

  6:00pm-7:00pm (cst)  (1st & 3rd Wednesday) 

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Introducing, Teresa Perkins, Design Extraordinaire


Teresa has proven to be a woman with vision, talent, and uncontested wisdom being a Chicago native her talent was evident, her family and friends relied on her insight for their real estate and interior design needs.  After seeing that she had found her niche and knew that her dream could be realized, she enrolled into The American Business Institute of Illinois. 


She subsequently moved to Las Vegas, and attended the Art Institute.  Teresa also had the opportunity to mentor with a successful interior designer from Chicago.  This not only gave her valuable knowledge and opportunities, it allowed her to take her rightful place within the industry. 


While her husband served in the US Air Force, Teresa had the opportunity to travel throughout the country with their daughter and she was able to learn many different techniques from other cultures.  With what she learned, it gave her the opportunity to decorate homes in Japan.  Teresa also worked diligently in all aspects of the real estate industry to enhance her knowledge. 


She received numerous accolades but the most memorable one was being nominated and won the “Best New Agent “of the year award voted on by her peers and management team at Prudential Real Estate Corporation.  Teresa, being determined, stepped out on faith and realized she wanted to have her own business she resigned from her management position and with dedicated study and rigorous testing new opportunities began to come her way. 


With our ever changing industry, she continues to enhance her knowledge by taking specialized classes to remain on top of the current trends so that her clients will continue to get the most relevant information possible.


She has been featured in The Las Vegas Home & Garden magazine, Urban Avenue magazine, Condo Living Las Vegas Style, the Las Vegas Business Press, First Lady and Teresa is currently sharing home décor tips with readers in Ment4Her and Spotlight Sister Magazines.


Teresa has also appeared on several radio shows including the “Corner for Success”, Dream Chaser and Relationships Matter with Davena.    Most recently she was also featured on Biz TV show "All In with Brian Weatherford ".  Her proudest moment was she received the call to decorate the stage for the infamous poet & historian Dr. Maya Angelou lectures throughout various cities from 2007 throughout 2010. Teresa has made Arlington Texas her home and is busy sharing her gift of interior design with her community and clients.