This N That with Nikki and Sherrell

2nd and 4th  Saturday  7:00pm - 8:00pm (cst)

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 Keenya Madiso  known as Nikki. Im a single Mother of 3 beautiful girls 25,19 and 18 and one grandson. I moved to Dallas in 2015 due to Hurricane Katrina and this is where God allowed me to discover my true passion for makeup and my WHY. I survived an abusive relationship for 10 years, I thought that wearing makeup would hide the scars on the inside that I didn't have so much on the outside. I made myself up everyday until I found me again , but when I got into the depths and the beauty behind my brand I began to understand and know my purpose, It wasn't about me hiding anymore it was more about bringing out the potential that is deep inside of every person that I come in contact with. I want women and young girls to discover themselves again , sometimes we forget who we really are because we put others before ourselves .


What makes me different as a makeup artist is that I  see beyond the surface of someone's request, I  look deep inside Within to find the true Beauty that she's afraid to let out and I stretch them to there highest limits.  I made up  my own name for MUA my MUA stands for "Making U Authentic" meaning that  at the end of each  session when I hand them that mirror i want them to feel unquestionable, genuine and true not to me but to themselves and as they are  looking at themselves  smiling with tears I know made a difference I know I made a impact I know I made them feel happy, rejuvenated but most of all empowered knowing that they are beautiful they are loved and that they are walking into there OWN because that's what makeup does for me, and the spirit of obedience that I approach it with is what I want them to leave with....I have discovered my WHY! 

Sherelle Alexander Reed is a New Orleans native who is called to Ministry of Encouragement and Empowerment. She loves people andcan be found walking in her calling at speaking engagements, her weekly inspirational “WAKEUP Wednesday Word” videos in social media or by just a friendly conversation with others. She is the Founderof this Non-Profit Organization called FIND YOUR RESILIENCE INC which is a movement that empowers women and girls to Learn from their Past, Live each day to the Fullest, all while Pursuing Purpose!Sherelle is a Corporate Instructor by trade but her passion is motivating others. GOD has BLESSED her to be a wife of 24 years Sean Reed anda mother to her 3 adult children, Lil Sean, Seanil, and Seante which she affectionately refers to as “Heart Hearts, Her Reasons and DemReeds”.

Sherelle is dedicated to making a deliberate and intentional impact in the community. While she is no stranger adversity, Sherelle has learned that all experiences are necessary for one’s Purpose! She understands that she is still standing as a direct result of the Grace and Mercy of an Almighty GOD!!! She encourages others not to forsake their processesin life.

Sherelle says, “I’m just a Girl who LOVES GOD and as a result of that
LOVE I am GOD’s Girl!”

“Learn for the past, live today, in pursuit of purpose”