Victory T.V. with Charletta

2nd & 4th Wednesday of each month 8:00pm-9:pm (cst)                ;

Charletta Martin 

Doesn’t it give you confidence to know that you already have the Victory? Or do you
know? Get inspired from “VICTORY TV SHOW WITH CHARLETTE” as she interview
many women who lives passionately to make a difference. We share victorious stories
from women that are making an impact in others lives. From authors to business
women we let others know that YOUR STORY MATTERS!


For the past 12 years Charlette has been a compelling speaker and storyteller, that
works with churches, schools, and organizations who want to give their audience hope
by rewriting the script of their lives, so that, they can win in life. After writing her books
This is it and Destiny Breakout she now shares with other women and young girls how
to self-publish their first book with her B.A.M. workshop, which stands for Books And


Also, Charlette is a, Mother of 3 boys, Business Woman, and GOD Lover! She loves to
travel, comedy and cracks a few jokes herself from time to time. Love spending time with
her family and trying new foods! Her Motto is: & quote;.

"There is only one you, so be the best you that you can be!"


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