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Women & Dignity Podcast

With Renee Huffman

2nd & 4th Saturday  from 12:00 noon -1:00pm

Renee Huffman was born and raised in San Diego, California to Carl Bradford and Betty Jackson. Her grandmother was a big influence in her life teaching her the word of God. She gave her life to Jesus Christ and was filled with the Holy Ghost in 2003 at the age of 22.  She has served in many areas in the body of Christ such as Street Evangelism, Prison Ministry, Women’s Shelters, and Director of Women Conferences. In 2016 she had a segment called Soul Food on TNN Radio Station (Kansas City, Missouri) in which she gave a daily encouraging Word.


Professional Career

Renee Huffman has over 18 plus years of proven experience in the Financial, Mortgage, Healthcare, and Telecommunication Industries, where she has expertise with working with Fortune 500 companies such as AT&T, ING, BOEING, and ExxonMobil.

Primary part of Renee Huffmans’ signature offering: she is differentiated by an common complement of financial management expertise combined with strong business acumen, allowing her to view a business with a wide lens then narrow down to connect the dots, understand complex issues, take action, drive results.  In her tenure at ING, Renee had various positions throughout the company. She was very successful with ExxonMobile client, where she traded millions of dollars on stock market daily, Distribution Rollover Specialist, and implemented a simplified training manual.

ExxonMobile and BOEING clients of ING were intrigued with Renee’s work ethics they awarded Renee with multiple Letter’s of Appreciate for her expertise with handling their participates, training, and being a great mentor to her colleagues.


Dressed N’ Dignity is a nonprofit organization established in the fall of 2017. Our mission statement is to restore and empower women to walk in excellences in business, community, and family life by providing adequate business attire, communication skills, and necessary etiquette training. Our vision statement is set forth to transform and enhance the lives of each woman as she becomes a mirror that reflects the next generation. Since the existence of Dresses N' Dignity I'm extremely excited and proud to say we have professionally made-over multiple women and transformed their lives by planting seeds of hope. During the spring of each year we have our annual women’s business conference."We also have a brunch during the winter season called Restore Her Dignity brunch. All events present dynamic local speakers of the community who help the women of dignity to strive and thrive to be all they can be. We also have a plethora of community women who are on top of their business entrepreneurship to sit at the tables during brunch to give advice and encouragement. These ladies by my term are called sister angels.


March 2020

WOD Media/WOD Media Digital Stories Magazine was established

Women of Dignity Media focuses on telling the stories of incredible women who are impacting their local, national, and global communities.These women are CEO’s of nonprofit organizations, ministries, corporations, and small businesses.

By telling each woman’s story we hope to inspire the next generation and beyond to soar, strive, and succeed in life.


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